Dev Bennett studied Comparative Literature at Brown University; she discovered metalworking at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Her studio is located just outside Boston in Somerville, MA, in the Joy Street Studios building.

Dev enjoys pieces that capture movement, either literally or as an image of flow.  The transformation of a heavy, dense thing - metal - into one that moves with the body or molds to its curves, is a challenging project.  The surprise of wearing a large, extravagant earring that moves so lightly is part of her attraction to this type of jewelry.  

Many of her other pieces explore the idea of accumulation. Rarely sketching, she instead fabricates several small components and holds one against another to understand the shape of the final piece.  Her favorite method of working takes a single element (a piece of square wire, or a rectangle, cut and folded) and attempts iterations in number and configuration.  The end result is a complex form that still relates to, and makes sense with, the beginning.  The refractions and sparkle of a large, sculptural earring, echo those in the smallest pieces; the subtle edges and shadows of the smallest pieces are then harder to overlook.  If the work has any "edge," it is the daringness and suggestiveness of these small parts.  

While she has her own interests that help her through the process of design, Dev enjoys most of all when customers find their own way of understanding a piece or series.  Please feel free to contact her with any questions, collaborations, or special requests.